The sky over Gdynia for two August evenings will belong to the best aerobatics pilots from Poland and abroad. The main attraction of the AEROBALTIC event Powered by LOTOS Air BP will be a spectacular aerial show – the sky show, which has a chance to make aviation history.

Gdynia AEROBALTIC will be held on August 11th-12th. The sky show can be seen free of charge on the beach in Śródmieście or seaside boulevard. Unofficially it is said that dozens of the best pilots from Europe and America will take part in the event, however we are still waiting for the confirmation of who exactly will come. Many additional attractions will accompany the event throughout the special beach zones. Organizers do not spare details about the main point of the event – the final show. It is known that the sky choreography will be enriched with pyrotechnics!

The show will surely stay in memory of the audience for a long time. Detailed information will appear on the website and on Facebook event,